Sunday, 31 January 2010

Old school letter

Another day, a pen pal asked me if I wanted to swap an old fashioned mix tape. It was very cool making it and I realized how much I like to record tapes. It has much more grace than burning cds, because we can feel the music track by track, and think about which song could be nice to be the next track. Hope it can bring good memories for those who like it. Viva las mix tapes!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Penpalling research

Ellen is a sociologist and anthropologist and at the moment she is trying to obtain a PhD degree. Therefore she would like to research penpalling. She chose this topic first of all as it is something which not a lot of research has been done about yet and secondly because she is into penpalling.
There are several different aspects of penpalling which she’d like to research, to get to know people’s views and opinions about it.
If you would like to help her, please send an e-mail to:

Let's help this cool and huge PhD research. I know the questionnaire is quite long, but you'll feel nice after answering. I started realizing more about my taste in correspondence and it was a good way to bring back memories as well.

Post number one!

Hello snail mail lovers, this is my first entry! Just a post to assure that this blog is alive and growing as fast as possible. I wish this can be a space to keep registered the awesome mail I receive, and meet other writers and artists with the same interests as me. Hope to come back with some new incoming soon. And I also hope this finds you well!