Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Carnival Inspirations

Carnival for me is a time to relax. I'm waiting for the rock and roll issue.

Outgoing to Meggles via We Love Snail Mail

To Lauren also via We Love Snail Mail


  1. HI Bruno- I just added you as a member of our Letter Writers blog, hopefully you will be able to post there as soon as you accept the invite.

  2. Bruno, The stenciled name on the envelope looks GREAT!

  3. hello! I received your cards.. I think you sent me two!! sorry it took me ages to answer, I've been stuck with workload. I have prepared 2 cards to send you, or maybe 3..(will send them separately). you have a great blog here!

    regards from imajica/ilyani, Malaysia

    my postcards blog is in http://postcrossing.ilyani.net but I havent updated it since I came back to uni to studying postgraduate!

    see you!! I'm following you too..

  4. hey I dont have your address!! pls let me know!

  5. oh sorry, now I find it.. in your postcrossing profile :D

  6. Great envelopes going out. Really cool.