Sunday, 27 February 2011

Adventures recycling mail art

Yesterday I was cleaning up boxes with old letters and discovered that I could do interesting works with recycled stuff. Air mail stripes, envelopes, labels, stamps, patterns from inside the envelopes, all these things are materials to make mail art.

I keep all the letters from my pen pals, family, friends, but I had boxes full of old letters from people I don't speak for more than 11-15 years, or from people I received just two or three letters, that I decided to throw away (kept the special ones, of course!). Then I found different things related to mail which I can reuse. Now I have a large amount of paper to create original postcards and stylish envelopes whenever I want.

This is the first work with my new mail art supplies. To Jennie Hinchcliff.

Outgoings to my new pals:

To Mad Madge in Washington.

To Sally in London.

To Carrie in Canada.

To Jaime in Canada.


  1. Very fun! I like to do this too. I hope Jennie doesn't see her card before she gets it though - it's fun to be surprised!

  2. i did get your letter, but i'm just a jerk. i am going to respond though.

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  4. Such great pieces you created. I too have been clearing out boxes and found some fun patterns to create mail art with. I really like your blog and have added it to a growing list of postal love sites.
    I hope you have a wonderfully creative rest of your week.
    Much Love,

  5. P.S. I love Brazil and spent a month in the northern part starting in Portel and working our way into the amazon while I was working on a medicine boat, oh so long ago! I really hope to make it back to your beautiful country one day and explore Rio since I didn't get my chance to while I was there :(