Sunday, 20 February 2011

Summer arts

Vintage Inspiration.

I've been looking everywhere for some vintage stuff and old ephemera for my mail art works. Old kinds of paper, rubber stamps, vintage mail stickers, labels, air mail envelopes, tickets etc. Do you also enjoy these things?
This was my latest creation, with a help of some stuff I've received from pen pals lately. To Sheri Pond in California, USA.

From Sirpa Roos in Finland. She rocks on watercolour paintings!

From Dawn in Canada. I enjoy a lot her drawings and self-made cards!

From Post Muse in Pittsburgh, USA.

Going out!

Magazine envelope for Tara Hammond in Las Vegas, USA.

To Erin Callihoo in Canada.


  1. I am surprised to see the airmail sticker on the mail I sent you because I didn't put it there! Someone at the US Postal Service must have.

    I will try to remember to send you some ephemera for your collage art. I do lots of collage (at least one a day) and have lots of ephemera to share.

  2. Some mighty good-looking mail there!

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